Monday, 17 November 2014

Rose Frenzy!

This week we are talking all about Roses.

We can give you advice as to what you should be feeding your roses with and how to prevent them for getting diseases.

Step 1: Roses are big eaters, and after all of this rain it is really important that you keep the food up so that they keep flowering all summer. By feeding your rose with a slow release fertiliser like Neutrog's 'Sudden Impact for Roses', you are going to make it a happier, healthier plant. This will also help your plant build up its natural protections against diseases.

Step 2: During spells of moisture and rain roses become very prone to fungus problems such as black spot and powdery mildew. These diseases can be sprayed for preventative once the rain has stopped to limit the chances of these issues arising. We suggest you use one of these 3 products:

  •  Sharp Shooters 'Triforine Fungicide' (sold as a Concentrate) which acts as a prevention and control of all of these fungus diseases.
  •  'Eco-rose' or 'Eco-fungicide' is an alternative, organic fungicide with the same prevention properties. 
  • Sharp Shooters 'Rose Black Spot' (sold as a Ready to Use or Concentrate) however, combines Triforine with Pyrethrum to tackle a both fungus and pest related diseases.
  • Each product has its own benefits and we suggest asking one of our horticulturists which one will work best for your garden.
    Powdery Mildew on Roses

    Black Spot on Rose Leaf
Step 3: Natural sources of food such a cow manure and compost will always be appreciated by your roses. Fertilisers will help encourage the plant to grow better, but by adding organic matter you are helping to feed the soil in which your plant is growing and therefore giving it a more long term health benefit.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Raised Vegetable Gardens

Last week Penrose received the latest thing in terms of Vegetable Gardens!

This new design of raised garden has features that you will melt over!

VegePod has come up with a design that is self-watering to encourage deep rooted plants, whilst also featuring a built in irrigation system that is simple to use - great on these hot days! The bed has sturdy hinges that are attached to a greenhouse mesh top to keep butterflies, rabbits and even possums out!

Come in Today to see one on display!

Pink Penrose Party!

It is that time of year!
Penrose is celebrating its 4TH Birthday this month!
We want everyone to be able to be appart of this great event so in the spirit of celebrating we welcome you all to join us for our 

Pink Penrose Party!

 Pink Penrose Party!
We are having a massive 3 day event on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of November that will also be in support of Cancer Council. 
There will be raffles and fabulous prizes donated by our supplies, as well as Pink Plants that will be sold with an amount of the profits going towards the Cancer Council!
We believe Cancer Council and the work the charity does is vital to our society. We are glad to be supporting such a worthy cause!
What is going on, you may ask?
here is a rough itinerary of all the awesome things we have lined up!

Friday 21st: 

  • 2GB Garden clinic broadcaster and Author, Linda Ross will be joining us to talk garden clinic 
  • Cancer Council will be providing a pink morning tea to share the day

Saturday 22nd:

  • All day morning tea, supplied and in support of the Cancer Council
  • Kids activities such as face painting and planting activities 
  • Live music while you have your lunch by local musician, Nicholas Goder!

Sunday 23rd:

  • Penrose will be on the barbecue with sausages and other delicacies, all proceeds going towards the Cancer Council
  • More kids activities on all day
  • Guest appearance from another fabulous local act, Grizzlee Train, to bring the good vibes to your the final day of celebration
We can't wait too see you there!

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Keep an eye on our Website for updates this Christmas!
We are in the process of developing our site into a more mobile friendly page that can keep you up to date with the latest specials, gardening tips and newly arriving stock.
We appreciate all support and feedback that you, as our customers, can provide.
Stay tuned for whats new!

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Interested in making up a terrarium, for yourself or as gifts ?

They are quite simple once you have the basics, and can be mini Jungles with ferns and lush plants, or mini Deserts with Pebbles and Cactus....the possibilities are endless.

This weekend Beth will be at the nursery to give you tips, advice and inspiration to make  your own creations come to life.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Spring has Sprung, if a little later than last year.

Plenty of Ideas, Inspiration and Spring specials to be found in our current Catalogue.

Spring Catalogue

Pop in to the store for your copy, if the Postie missed you out.

Also keep up to date on facebook for what happening Day to Day

Double Reward Points - Queen's Birthday Long Weekend

We are open all long weekend- normal trading hours 8.30-5pm. 
All members would have received an email or text letting them know its a DOUBLE REWARDS POINTS WEEKEND, along with a range of specials exclusive to our members which you can check out here.

If you are not a member- no worries, its free to join! Come in store or online here.